Fasten your seat belt! 189 places of my traveling soul

The idea of creating this book came to me a few years ago, when I realized that many of the places that really deserve to be seen and known are not greatly publicized. This is why I decided not to include metropolises such as Paris, London, Rome and New York, already the first choice of curious travelers. I believe that too often people who love travel and the discoveries it yields pass too easily by wonderful destinations, of which unfortunately they don’t know, or are not convinced that these places deserve their attention.

I tried to select locations from the ones that I have visited myself and had accompanied me all the way on my life’s journey, which I really believe are worthy of presentation, because life is made up “of days you remember, not of days that have passed.” The choice was not influenced by any factor, not even by the lack of kindness of some tourist offices that refused to provide pictures, and at the same time no hotel, restaurant or city presented here sponsored this book in any way.
I intended for the presentation to be more photographic, specifying the geographic location and only a few words to introduce you to the atmosphere of the destination, interspersed with my personal memories. In my desire to make a quality work, I didn’t try to impose my own photographs, preferring instead to promote unconditionally images taken by others, but with a greater reflection of the reality.

Because my steps and my heart have taken me to so many wonderful places, certainly driven by the established human desire to know what’s beyond the horizon, I wanted to write this book, although we are at a turning point for our planet, hoping that humanity, in its wisdom, will learn from the sad events of history, replacing them with tolerance, respect and understanding, so that the landmarks of humanity presented in these pages will remain intact for those who are to come.
This book, written with love, is my soul’s way of giving thanks for the great opportunity I have received, to travel and discover wonderful places and special people. If my time and energy permit, perhaps a second volume will follow. For, regardless of how hard I tried in words, regardless of how expressive are the over 1,350 images, it is difficult to render the rapture and vibration that you feel in person when in contact with these destinations and their people. And so I invite you, dear reader, to know them too. Thank you.

Dragos Serban